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~20% of visits to the primary care office and emergency departments are for musculoskeletal disorders.  During this time of the “shelter-in-place” ordinance for the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to access your primary care provider as well as disconcerting to have to possibly expose yourself to sick individuals by going into urgent care or the doctor’s office.  Direct access to physical therapy means that you can go directly to a physical therapist (without a doctor’s referral) and have a PT evaluate your musculoskeletal disorder and have them recommend exercises, self-treatment and activity of daily living modification to help you on the road to recovery.  There are provisions to using direct access to PT in the state of California.  You can have up to 12 visits over a 45 day time-frame.  Many insurances (though not all) will reimburse for PT that is accessed directly, without a doctor’s referral.  Therefore, it is recommended that you research your specific medical insurance policy for that.  You can also reach out to our offices (see below) if you have further questions.

At ept physical therapy, we are currently running at a limited capacity.  That being said, we are still seeing a limited number of patients in the clinic.  These patients are generally those who have recently undergone surgery and/or are in acute pain and cannot wait until the end of the “shelter-in-place” ordinance.  As per CDC guidelines, it is recommended that those in the high risk category (such as > 65 years old, immunocompromised, etc.) should stay at home.  However, ept is offering telehealth/virtual appointments at 30 minute intervals to still help guide you in the sorts of things you can do at home to self-treat.

So, if you are having some new (or old) aches and pains that are affecting your time with your family, your exercise routine and you would like some expert advice, please contact our office.  We are here for you!

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We suggest requesting a telehealth appointment first by calling our office at 443-8354 (Eureka).


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