Our Team

EPT is operated by an experienced team of physical therapists/owners who are veteran clinicians. These seasoned therapists have proven to be adept at running a successful health care business on the North Coast in often challenging times. We have 8 physical therapists, 4 physical therapist assistants and numerous aides at our three locations. Our therapists specialize in treating the whole patient. Treatment regimens address general orthopedics including back, neck, shoulder and other areas. Special regimens also successfully address acute and chronic conditions. We also are successful in the treatment of neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other debilitating diseases.

We are proud that our personnel and facilities meet and exceed patients’ expectations.


Eureka Staff

Heather Blair, PT, DPT

Trevor Carlson, PT, DPT

Brittany Gribbin, PT, DPT

Michael Osborne, PT

Hollie Sellars, PT, DPT

Tami Burke – PT Assistant

Geremy Kovaloff – PT Assistant

Fortuna Staff

Brittany Gribbin, PT, DPT

Galen Pettey, PT

Denise Janowski – PT Assistant

McKinleyville Staff

Sonali Bera, PT

Trevor Carlson, PT, DPT

Darlene Pasquini, PT

Katie Pero – PT Assistant


Bill Osborne

Galen Pettey, Sr.

Patty Glatfelter

Steven Wilson

David De Weese